2015 Graduate from Lasalle College of the Arts - Diploma in Design Communications. A third generation Singaporean photographer which fuses design alongside his works in photography, Daryl's style of design is not fixed and he tends to behave like a chameleon, always changing, evolving and mixing things up. His creative ingenuity ranges from Minimalism to Dadaism, a self-proclaimed chaotic controlled mess, Daryl's design style is visually loud and adventurous. The latest and current fascination would be experimenting on various styles combined, deeming his latest collection of works - Plasmatic Photography; they are an eclectic mix of colourful madness set in the night with a predominantly purple hue in all of them.

Assisting mainly in consultantcy for Creative Digital Content / Creative Digital Marketing PLVSMV seeks to provide SMEs and Individuals with the right tools and equip them against today's competitive market.


Advertising, Branding (Full Fledge), Brand Analysis, Branding Consultant, Colour Analysis, Copywriting, Creative Digital Marketing, Creative Direction, Digital Content Curation, Electronic Presskits, Facebook Effective Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing, Logos, Name Cards, Print-Publications, Social Media Collaterals, Instagram Building, Visuals, Web-Traffic, Website Marketing, Website Design(UI).