DEBRIEF. / by Daryl Tay

Now, out come the wolves.

“But I don't want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.” 

― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

How do you see your dreams go? What are your dreams? What are they like; to have a certain desire to dream whole heartedly and the freedom to dream? Dreams come in all forms, and there are no right or wrong in dreaming of them. They are valuable, they give us energy to propel forward. To provide hope for the future by working towards a goal that encompasses the totality of one's life. Empowered by the desire to change, to transform our lives for the better. But on what level do you define that? Can paying attention to dreams while increasing your creativity help? We do not know if dreaming has a general effect on creative thinking but certainly as dreamers, we would like to believe so. We need to dream to remember. Between memory and creativity, it appears to link elements and fragments of memories together. 

In this column I intend to put together my expertise, with my instinct, with how I feel about the right to dream creatively. In exploring rebirth in a new life with the intent to brand a new hope. Saying goodbye to anything that represents self-doubt is not a conscious process but it's the way we learn to see the world and other human beings. We should use the power of dreaming as a tool to be conscious of the difference between what is possible and a reality that we can't stand anymore. We should be fighting against that very notion. The time to revise how we think about the future is now. The present has nothing wrong, it's the future that we worry about. It is time to accept that we live in post-dichotomy age and we are navigating through complex times. How we live, addresses how the arrival of the digital age has created an unprecedented feeling of alienation. 

To be lonely now is fairly important. Communication has changed and we now rely on technology to interact, presenting ourselves in ways that are evolving beyond control. I personally believe that in the current context, given our current position with regards to where our society is, and the age we're in, everyone, it seems wants to be seen to be keeping up appearances. Online or offline for that matter. The form of attention has been in our main focus for a while now that it has been treated like the norm. Our everyday routine, how we speak, how we act and how we live in this digital world. How we deliberately made the internet and everything that is linked with it as our digital utopia. Like any technologies, internet is not good or bad, it just reflects who we are as humans. 

I feel the world is losing values. The world wasn't meant to be heading this way. How do you walk the line within disorder and control? When we come to fully appreciate and understand that everything constantly changes and nothing remains the same, we will see that we are unable to control everything external to us. I am always wondering how to live or how you are supposed to live. How do you live? How to make a life and a living? In dreaming better futures, in creating digital utopias that could give us access to diverse perspectives and desirable realities that empower us to organise ourselves. It's the way things work now, modernity was based on the conviction that perfection could be achieved in all things through the exercise of human power. The idea in harnessing the potential of imagined utopias could be more than a singular fantasy or contemporary dream. But if we ask how we want to live, what we seek from life, what makes life meaningful for us then indeed we deal with questions to which people will give many different answers. Some say they want love while others will choose power, some others security, others sensuous pleasures with comfort or fame; but most will agree that they want happiness. The very right to dream of happiness. It is not to be discussed, its supposed to be expressed. More than ever, people just want to be happy, only for themselves. We need to keep searching for that brave new world. 

It is about creativity in life. To use life as a structure for rebirth. In the end the power of modern creative thinking will bring people together. Vulnerability is necessary when we strip ourselves with our emotions and we let ourselves built by absorbing emotions from these utopias to feed our souls. For all of us to be soul mates through music, art, design; through life. These aesthetics draw people together to uplift or carry them emotionally. Where possible, please create a community with complementary skills. Nowadays, it often starts online. Still, try and find a way to actually, physically be with your new creative cohorts. Look closer at the beautiful things we desire and spend our whole lives chasing them. Be violently elegant about it. We should not lose our capacity to dream in a collective way and imagine ourselves living in better futures. There are rare perfect moments and I'm still chasing for them.

You need to trust creativity in order for creativity to trust you back. Just like our lives.

These are words from my Mentor, Razi Razak for (
Singapore's Juice Magazine) the Creative Genius who saw the Creative Craziness in me when noone did. Thank you and Canvas Club , Mahen and Roy for having faith in me and giving me the opportunity to churn out insane works, Always. Nothing but love for you guys - forever grateful and thankful.