The world is y _ours. / by Daryl Tay

Razi Razak, 2017.

"Me, I want what's coming to me." 
"What's coming to you?" 
"The world, Chico, and everything in it."
 - Scarface.

In terms of curatorial and artistic practice, 'The world is y _ours.', involves a reflection of the social conditions of the works and how the exhibition interferes and engages with connections between words and memories of people, places and objects at different times. This creates a rare sense of openness in the layout and enhances connectivity where the main role of art is to transcend social reality and evade the limitations of moral ambiguities and a deeper social questions. Words have power. The power not just to create, but also to transform. What needs to change is our expectation of what dreams are, our understanding of interpersonal relationships, creating the space for attention. The statement, 'The world is y _ours.' is both an empty promise and a realisable dream. A nuanced notion of worldliness at play which is the thematic continuity between the content of the exhibition and what it is to experience through our humanity; a sensitivity to things other than ourselves. The words materialised as a series of neon signs to be scattered throughout the space in washed out, glowing pink and blue. Usage of artificial light will raise the seductive and meditative explorations of perception that both the words and the space it invokes. By bridging a correspondence of light, text and colour; the progression and intimacy of the space is built upon as light travels through the inner space between the two walls. Each glowing individually, one pink and the other blue. Displaced from their intended function, these neons strike an ambivalent pose in the setting while removing them from a practical function and elevating them to new levels of interpretation and meaning. As the light defends and the hue ascends against the wall, there is a subtle light that will reflect of it, making its presence real and almost surreal. Their displacement, in other words, makes an analogy between empty promises and a realisable dreams as the neon lighting to create cinematic plays of light that activate its surroundings. 

As we live in a post-format world, we have subconsciously created an existential motivation in balancing on a man‘s relationship with the world. To compare the reality and possibilities; life, the present relationships and feelings versus the love of freedom, a tradition of self-reliance and independence. "The world is y_ours" means that you do not need to do anything in this world but we were always told if you believe, great things can happen. That statement has grown in importance ever since and as this is a project about hopes and the future, it aims to reveal the superficial and morally ambiguous sides of emotions as well. There are unforgettable moments that are unexpectedly personal, intimate and immersive, in its exploration of emotions without its limitations. Coming at it from the philosophical and analytical perspective that my art practise has enabled me to develop, truly a new world, a place where one could live one’s life and pursue one’s goals. However, if the world is truly yours, why should the world of mine is different to the world of yours? Nobody can take it away from you but your own self, your state of mind, and your fear. The public and the intimate, revealed themselves to be patently, genetically entwined, one impossible to regard without it's mirroring and enabling other. So is it mine, is it yours or is it ours?