SEED OF LIFE. / by Daryl Tay

This is the Seed of Life. In it, every form, shape and design that ever existed, stems from this Sacred Seed. It is the story of Genesis. The blueprint of the Universe. Also, the first out of three forms that sparked the catalyst of Sacred Geometries. To me, the Seed is one of the most powerful symbols that was ever Created.

I carry a Sacred Seed pendant with me every day, as a constant reminder to never stop believing in the endless possibilities of being a Creative, choosing to believe that from the beginning, I was made to be a part of some huge entity, far greater and better than most - I was wrong, however. 
Now, I learn how to appreciate the simplest things in life and the fact that I was put here on planet earth with the sole purpose to create and churn out artworks in my own perspective on things for the world to see.

I believe and am more certain than ever, that I was Created to Create.

Thanks for the huge-ass Seed, V.

PLVSMV - Seed of Life Medallion.jpg